Located in the department of the Tarn, Brassac Industries employs 80 people and has an annual turnover of almost 15 million Euros.


Its principal activities consist in first transformation of wood through 2 sites of production and in manufacturing elements of light packing starting from peeled veneer of Poplar.

Established on the south of the Massif Central, our activities benefit from a high quality and abundant log supply. We may highlight that 4 forestry cooperatives (Forestarn, Cofogar, Sylva-rouergue and Cosylva), operating on the nearby area, are stakeholders of our development as shareholders. Their mission is to adequately supply the mill with high quality logs of the various species available in the area.

As of today, we are consuming 150.000 m³ of round wood to produce 60.000 m³ of sawn timber and we hold 6000 m³ of inventory. We operate two sawing lines to achieve that level of production.

- The first one is based on a canters circular blades design transforming small diameter logs (diameters 15 to 25 cm) of 4 meters into products intended for packaging and formwork.


- The second line uses a Canter Quad set-up that is sawing medium diameter logs (diameters 25 to 65 cm) of 3 m to 7, 50 m to produce roof truss, packaging and formwork lumber.